An all-natural insect repellent
that actually works.
Up to 4-6 hours after application…
as good as 40% DEET.
Are you kidding? Hand it over!!

Buzz Off Repel was born as an alternative to current personal repellents.
Evolve your repellent with Science!

Developed by an arbovirologist (research into viruses carried by mosquitoes), Buzz Off was developed as an all-natural repellent (that actually works) to replace DEET.

The active ingredient, refined from Lemon Eucalyptus (Corymbia citriodora), is the first natural substance that is recommended by the CDC for insect repellency. APVMA-approved and Australian sourced, this ingredient is years in the making, backed up by peer-reviewed published data as well as field and laboratory tested locally in Queensland.

This remarkable oil, when matured, is a potent repellent to mosquitoes. After unique testing and field studies, this repellent has a lovely scent, in a carrier formulation of simply water, coconut, almond and witch hazel oils – all natural and good for the skin.

Harness the power of Australian natural ingredients with Buzz Off repel!